"VITA FRUIT" Company appeared on the Polish market in 1998. The Company imports and exports as well as distributes fresh vegetables and fruit from Spain, Holland, Italy, Argentina, RPA, Israel, Turkey, Greece and other countries. Our contact with the fruit-vegetable branch started in 1982. In six year time we managed to establish cooperation with the net of supermarkets, individual salesmen in the central and south-eastern part of Poland. Ours contracting parties are provided with fruit and vegetables - Polish and foreign - every day, every week. The firm is seated in Przeworsk 34km from Rzeszów. On the area of 2ha we own complex infrastucture which includes:

  • Twelve refrigerator chambers occupying area of 1400m2
  • Banana chamber to make them ripen faster - five pressure chambers occupying area of 400 m2
  • Warehouse - four chambers occupying area of 200 m2

We also own department seated in Rzeszów of total area of 450m2. Great percent of our customers are from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belorus that shows how great the competiton is and how good our products are.

Taking into consideration our experience and position on the Polish market we interested in gaining new customers in Polnd as well as abroad in Eastern Europe. Years of contact with fruit and vegetable manufacturers make as experts in exacting products which are the best in quality and price - what makes that our clients are satisfied. Our company represents manufacturers whose products are exported to Eastern and Western Europe. Polish fruit and vegetables are exported through our company to Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Holland.

Emphasizing our knowledge in trade, personnel we would like to invite you to cooperation - visit us. If you have any questions please ask - we will answer with the great pleasure.